3 Google Adsense Alternatives for WordPress Websites

3 TOP Google Adsense Alternatives for WordPress Websites

Best alternatives to monetize your website: Propeller Ads, BidVertiser and Infolinks

top Google Adsense Alternatives for wordpress website

Why should I use Google Adsense alternatives for my website?

Google Adsense is probably the most poular ads network for both publishers and advertisers. AdSense platform is quite flexible, reliable, and offers publishers a way to monetize their traffic. Even though It’s the most popular pay-per-click (PPC) program on the web and implemented on over 30 million websites (see here for statistics) you may have a number of reason to look for other ads partners.

Increase your earnings with other Ads solutions.

You want to increase your earnings as a publisher. Sometimes you can get the best of your website by implementing the best miximg of ads. With Google Adsense, publishers receive 68% of the revenue generated by ads. It’s a very competitive rate, in some cases, you had better rely on different sources of income.

You have a small blog and you’re not eligible for Adsense.

In case you’ve just started your blog, you may not be eligible to join the Adsense program. In fact, your website requires to be reviewed by Google which needs some metrics and content quality to be matched. Moreover, you may search for an Adsense alternatives because your Adsense account has been suspended or banned (there are many reasons why your account may have been suspended for invalid traffic).

Minimum Payout and Threshold.

The minimum payout threshold for Google Adsense is $100 (if you set USD as currecy) or €70 (if you set EUR has currency). These minimal payout thresholds are the average requirements for online ads publisher. However, in case your website is still young, it may take long to you to reach the minimal payout. For this reason, you may preferer an advertisement network with lower minimal payout (for example Bidvertiser).

3 TOP Google Adsense alternatives for WordPress.

Propeller Ads review: monetize 100% of web and mobile traffic.

Propeller Ads technologies has 8 years of market expertise with a solid portfolio of big-brand advertisers. Propeller Ads offers a buch of solution to monetize 100% of your website and mobile traffic. To register you need only your website URL and an e-mail (sign in here)

propeller ads google adsense alternatives

The best of Propeller Ads: why to use it.

  • Ads customization: you can choose among a bunch of ads formats like push notifications, on click ads, in-page push, interstitial and smart links.
  • Adsense compatible: Propeller Ads does not interfere with your Google Adsense.
  • Multitag: multipurpose tag that contains all ad formats at once for easier integration. In this case Propeller Ads will autonomously provide the best mix of ads to show on your website.
  • Eligibility: you do not need to fullfil minimum requirements to be approved as publisher.
  • WordPress plugin integration: by installing the Propeller Ads plugin in WordPress you can easily setup your “zones” (its the name to Propeller Ads uses to refer to a particular ads format).
  • Payment method: Payoneer, Paypal USD, QIWI, Skrill, Wemoney Z and Yandex.Money are supported as payiment methods.

Why not to use Propeller Ads.

  • Minimum payout is fixed at $100.
  • The ads showed may not be so related to the content, you may fall into not relevant ads.
  • In page-push formats and interstitial are reserved for site with a Alexa ranking <500’000 (check the rank of your website here)

What type of ads format does Propeller Ads offer?

  • Smart links: special URLs designed to automatically take visitors to the most relevant offers (thanks to smart rotation mechanism).
  • Push Notifications (Native Subscriptions) are a revolutionary monetization tool. These browser notifications take completely no space on your website, bring instant per-subscription revenue (CPS) and perfectly complement other ad formats.
  • Onclick or Popunder ads are a monetization powerhouse and one of our top performing ad formats in terms of revenue.
  • In-page push banners are similar to classic push notifications, but displayed on your website. Monetizes all types of traffic including iOS.
  • Interstitials are fast-loading, skippable ad units, displayed before or after specific website pages

Start your revenue with Propeller Ads

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BidVertiser review: free and fast website monetization.

This ad network was created in 2008 as a solution to the problem many publishers had of selling their ad space directly to advertisers, without having to rely on automated systems.

BidVertiser uses a 3rd generation bidding-based system which means the price-per-click you get is based on the quality and popularity of your website. The more popular and appealing your site is, the more people bid for the ad space on your website and the higher price-per-click you will get. Check below to open a free account.

BidVertizer ads network for monetization

The best of BidVertiser: why to use it.

  • BidVertiser allows you to monetize your RSS/ATOM feeds, so if you are a blogger you will be glad to hear that.
  • No “bot work” to find the keywords to match the ads with, which means flash websites can join BidVertiser and the ads served on flash websites will match up better with the content of the website. In fact, BidVertiser does not serve contexual ads as Google Adsense (in some cases it may mean higher incomes!)
  • Eligibility: upon registration you have to submit your website to BidVertiser team which will approve your account in 48 hours. You have to choose the category of your ads.
  • Minimum payout of $10 with Paypal.
  • Payment method: Paypal, Check, Bitcoin and Bank transfer are accepted as payment methods.

Why not to use BidVertiser.

  • Because of its particular bidding system, you may experience low revenue (but you can get BidVertiser a chance).

What type of ads format does BidVertiser offer?

  • You can choose between Native Ads, Banner Popup and Pop-Under, Push notifications and sliders.

Become a publisher with BidVertiser

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Infolinks review: a trusted partner to monetize your website.

It has named its advertising platform In³ which stands for Infolinks, Intent, and Intelligence. In³ technology powers the third-largest publisher marketplace in the world, supporting 100,000+ websites in 128 countries. As for the other google adsense alternatives we mentioned, you only need your website URL and an e-mail to start as a publisher (register here).

Infolinks Google Adsense alternatives

The best of Infolinks: why to use it.

  • Placement and Layout: placements and layouts offered by Infolinks are known to avoid banner blindness—a user behavior that drastically takes down ad performance.
  • Adsense compatible: better monetization, publishers can even partner up with other ad networks—if that doesn’t interfere with their policies.
  • Eligibility: quick approval procedure. You do not need minimum traffic on your website.
  • Minimum payout of $50 with Paypal.
  • Payment method: Paypal, Payoneer, Bank transfer and wire transfer.

Why not to use Infolinks.

  • Low revenue from traffic generated from developing countries.
  • Less ads flexibility: you have to proper setup the types of showing ads in order not to make them too intrusive. You need to setup your ads.txt file.
  • No WordPress plugin: you have to copy and paste the code manually in your website.

What type of ads format does Infolinks offer?

  • Infold: only targets the search traffic and shows users footer-sticky ads. InFold ads are SEO-friendly, as ads are delivered pertaining to what user came looking for via search engine
  • InFrame: are skyscraper ads appearing on either edge of wide screen devices.
  • InTag: a range of keywords relevant to the content of website, targeting a wide spectrum of users.
  • InArticle: These are user-initiated expandable ads. It waits for users to start engaging with the content and expands at the right time for maximum engagement.
  • InText: Ads are placed carefully between content matching the best keyword and maintaining relevance

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